The solution of Thunderbird error massage while compact the email folder

when we compact the any email folder in Mozilla thunderbird by right click on it and click compact , after sometime get the error massage that the “folder could not be compacted because writing to folder failed please verify that you have enough free disk space and that you have write privileges to the file system.”
Note- please take the backup of your emails folder before do any steps….
First Step -first verify that you have installed the latest version of Mozilla thunderbird because it was also a bug in an old version (38).
How to Check Thunderbird version – Click on help from Menu bar then click on “about thunderbird”

Second Step – verify that you have enough free disk space available on your system drives, more than the folder which you have to compacted.
How to check thunderbird email folder size – right click on email folder and click on properties , there you can see the “size on disk” which is the exact size of your email folder

Third Step -Delete the folder_name.msf file from the thunderbird email storage folder, it will rebuild that folder emails, Or you can also get the same result by right click the email folder which you want to compact and click properties and click on repair folder.
How to know the thunderbird storage folder location – just write click the email folder click on properties, there you can see the “location”

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