Cyberoam CR10iNG

Price: $308


The next generation network security appliances – Cyberoam CR10iNG comes with security features and performance required for future networks. The UTM is made keeping the business security demands in mind as well as the growing risk from several threats. This offers security for connectivity and productivity.

The CR10iNG has 8 layer technology (User, Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link and Physical) and uses an identity-based protocol to protect the network and connectivity. The firewall is developed to fight with modern age security risks such as hacking.


The space saving design and easy to setup web console

The CR10iNG hardware is equipped with a 1.8 GHz Atom CPU, 1 GB of system memory, a 4 GB compact flash card for the OS and a trio of Gigabit ports. When it comes to security services, you can choose between the Security Value Subscription (SVS) or the Total Value Subscription (TVS).

This has the capability to function in two modes – routed or transparent bridge. Depending on the network requirement, this can be setup easily in the network using the web-based user-friendly interface. This device provides its own filtering services or can sit behind an existing firewall.

Using its web console quick stat wizard we set up the device in our existing network. The web console lets us set up the network ports and provides the option of a passive monitoring mode or applying a choice of predefined security policies. The CR10iNG comes with Cyberoam’s identity-based security which makes it a versatile device and enables admin to setup policies to users and groups.


Securing the network

To test the firewall and its security, we used a test PC, in which we installed a free client utility and setup policies to the appliance. These rules take actions against the security breaches, enforce service filters, define the sources and destinations, blocking actions and time schedules. The similar rules also apply for the web and app filtering, virus and anti-spam scanning, an intrusion-prevention system (IPS) and limits on internet usage.

We created the policies for the appliance and enabled them. Also, the UTM comes with 11 predefined web filtering policies. You also have 85 available URL categories to browse and select which is best suitable for you and create our own custom policies.

There are more than 1200 application control policies; we chose a few of them and blocked them to get theresult. We also setup the virus policies and chose POP3, SMTP, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS traffic within our firewall rules. Similarly, we checked the capability of spam policies.

We then tried to download viruses from the machine through the UTM. The security appliance effectively blocked more than 85% of the viruses. We then used a POP3 server to test its anti-spam capabilities and dumped spam emails into it. When we tried to download these emails, the appliance scanned and tagged them. It even blocked harmful websites and other objectionable content from the web.

The web UI provides detailed logs of all activity. Its light footprint had no adverse effects on our host machine and performed well in all our security tests. Its iView console lets us get the detailed graphs on web filtering, antivirus, anti-spam and more. A useful feature is the ability to view specific user activity, so you can see all web categories, domains and sites an individual has attempted to access.

Bottom line:

Cyberoam CR10iNG UTM is a viable appliance that can protect small networks against malware. The compact device can be setup easily and its web console lets you configure policies easily as well as provides you with detailed reports.

Pros: Easy to setup, user-friendly web console, numerous preconfigured policies, effective protection

Cons: None

Key specs: 2 USB and 4 ethernet ports, Multiple Link Management, VPN, 3G/4G/WiMAX Connectivity, IPv6 Ready, 1.8 GHz Atom CPU, 1 GB of system memory, a 4 GB CompactFlash card


Price: 8 Features: 9 Performance: 9 Overall: 9

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