5 best security firewall devices for small and medium businesses

There are innumerable options to choose from when considering firewall security. Is it essential to invest in an external firewall devices, stick with a virtual firewall or take the leap with both?
The firewalls noted here is suitable for small and medium sizes of organization. With current data breaks highlighting the significance of defending your network, we investigate the best firewall devices in the market for small and medium businesses.

  1. Juniper SRX220
    Juniper offers an SRX220 Services Gateway firewall, which is stuffed with security, routing, switching and WAN connectivity in an all-in-one U equipment designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The SRX220 affords up to 950 Mbps firewall, 100 Mbps IPsec VPN and 80 Mbps intrusion prevention system (IPS). It also has traits such as centralized switching, routing and security, adjustable configuration scaling and safe applications. Juniper SRX220 is a member of the SRX Series Services product family that extends next-generation firewall protection with application awareness. In addition to user role-based dashboards, there is unified threat management (UTM) to secure businesses.
  2. Cato Networks
    The succeeding generation cloud-based Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is Cato Networks’ firewall service facility that is built into a large global cloud network. It collects all enterprise traffic from data centers, branches, mobile users and cloud infrastructure directly to the cloud. Cato’s FWaaS offers full visibility, unrestricted scalability, unified security policy and easy lifecycle management for small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security
    Able to guard both local and broader networks, Kaspersky Internet Security can handle ads, third-party cookies, and malicious content whereas it can also provide an impressive two-way Windows firewall. The firewall observes each connection made over the system and catches any connection it deems as unreliable.
  4. FortiGate
    Starting from Fortinet’s security platform, FortiGate gives a one-stop-shop strategy to network security which incorporates a firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), application control, anti-malware, IPS, antispam, web filtering, and wireless control. It can provide two different varieties of the firewall, the enterprise firewall, and the next generation firewall, so according to what you’re looking for, FortiGate can customize your security system for you.
  5. Comodo Internet Security Pro
    Comodo provides an exceptional firewall capable of filtering ICMP, outbound TCP, and UDP traffic efficiently and control all connections made within your network and detecting the unsafe ones.
    Here was our list of five best firewall solutions for small and medium businesses!

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